Storm Protection


In addition to the standard top quality aluminium side-hung or

top-hung traditional and Bermuda shutters, TreeCon sells Category 5 hurricane-rated accordion and roller shutters for use in inclement weather. Visit the showroom or call TreeCon to ask about the wide selection of storm protection products that will best suit your needs. Listed below are a few of the more popular selections of storm protection products:


Polycarbonate panels

A relatively new product with the durability of plywood and the practicality of plastic, these see-through, lightweight, easy-to-install protective panels are ideal as storm shutters. You no longer need to sit in darkness during daytime in a storm!


Rolling shutters and doors

Engineered for maximum protection from damage caused by violent storms, as well as from property loss or damage due to criminal entry, these shutters are also effective in helping with the heating and cooling of your home, condominium or business.


Folding (accordion) shutters for doors and windows

The folding shutter system is a vertical slat design engineered for maximum security and protection against storms, high winds and forcible entry - the perfect solution for securing patios, balconies or terraces that have large expanses of windows and glass doors.


High-impact vinyl doors and windows

The PremierVue impact line of windows from PGT industries is another top quality product, sold exclusively by TreeCon in Bermuda. These are the highest-rated vinyl impact products in energy, structure, air and water resistance, and have been built according to the most stringent building codes, with structural ratings not seen in other vinyl impact window systems. PremierVue provides several styles of windows as well as sliding glass doors.

For further advice on how to best protect your home or office, call TreeCon or visit TreeCon’s showroom at 1 Cemetery Road, Hamilton.

Storm Shutters

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