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Samples of TreeCon’s windows can be seen in some of the finest commercial buildings and homes across Bermuda.

Top quality aluminium windows come in both standard and customised designs, An added option is to use energy-efficient glass, which helps to reduce energy bills by keeping the heat out and cool air in.

The PremierVue impact line of windows from PGT industries is another top quality product, sold exclusively by TreeCon in Bermuda. These are the highest rated vinyl impact products in energy, structure, air and water resistance, and have been built according to the most stringent building codes, with structural ratings not seen in other vinyl impact window systems. PremierVue provides several styles of windows as well as sliding glass doors.


Contact TreeCon for further information on these quality products that will ensure you have durable windows in place for many, many years to come. They offer excellent warranties and island-wide installation.

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